Here at Kent Downs Artisan Meats, we are proud to introduce ourselves as your local purveyor in Rare Breed meats & meat products.

We are a modest & simply run family establishment, located in the Kent Downs area of outstanding natural beauty. As such, our registered Artisan meat production unit strive for the highest of quality, using the traditional techniques. We are only able to acheive such levels of quality thanks to the wellbeing and welfare of our animals being top priority.

We are proud to say that we breed and raise our animals & all products that we produce are of our own livestock. This enables us to provide the customer, the utmost confidence in traecability and provenance in whatever we provide. Our livestock are all registered with the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST). Producing meats from these animals actually, enables the preservation of our herritage, and longevity of such breeds.

As  if that wasnt a big enough posotive, the maturing rate of rare breed livestock is slower, this lends to the meat being far superior in quality and taste.


Our Sheep have the most wonderful time grazing on the valley slopes of the Kent Downs, finding and eating the most delightful wild herbs, natural grasses and wild flowers, with the help of local farmers and land-owners, we are all able to assist in local coservation projects.

In the chestnut woodland is where you will find our big, friendly ginger Tamworth pigs. When they arent rooting around for chestnuts, with thanks to local orchards, we will scatter all varietys of apple around their woods, so that they are able to turf and turn the ground further in the quest for those delicious spheres of goodness. Our pork is registered with the 'Pedigree Pork Scheme' administered by the British Pig Association (BPA).

The chickens are rasied from day-old to between 90-100 days, and freely forage on natural grasses, wild hebs and wild flowers.

We have daily contact with all our animails, and this allows us the be apart of and share their happiness and wellbeing. 

Alllowing all of our animals to be, truly, Traditional free Range